Thessaloniki is a multi-faceted mecca of culture and life. Step into the heart of the city every time you step out of 72AD Hotel. Perfectly combining a proud historical heritage with a vibrant modern scene, there is something for every taste. Take a look at our proposal below:

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki
This touching museum is housed in one of the few Jewish buildings to survive the great fire of 1917, the former office of Jewish newspaper L’Independent. The museum traces the city’s Jewish heritage through the 15th-century Sephardic immigrations and its peak period of creativity in the 16th century, before the community was brutally annihilated during the Holocaust. The upper floor has a timeline of Jewish life in Thessaloniki. The ground floor is split between a collection of photos and Jewish gravestones on one side, and a moving hall of remembrance on the other. The museum is located on 13 Agiou Mina Street.

– 9 minutes walk from our premises –

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki is one of the largest museums in Greece and the central museum of northern Greece. All visitors are welcome to experience its unique collections of ancient artefacts as well as its rich and extrovert cultural activities. Museum collection includes findings from the area of Thessaloniki and the wider northern Greece. The eight permanent exhibition units, structured thematically, represent all aspects of private and public life in antiquity. The museum is located on 6 M. Andronikou St.

– 20 minutes walk from our premises –

Museum of Byzantine Culture
The Museum of Byzantine Culture aims in presenting various aspects of life during the byzantine and post-byzantine periods: art, ideology, social structure and religion, as well as how historical changes and the political situation were affecting people’ s everyday life, with valuable Byzantine exhibits dating back from the Early Byzantine period to the Turkish occupation. The Museum was awarded the Council of Europe Museum Prize for 2OO5 for its significant contribution to the understanding of European cultural heritage. The museum is located on 2 Leoforos Stratou Ave.

– 25 minutes walk from our premises –

Ataturk Museum
The founder of the modern Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in 1881 in this historical house, an elegant, three-storey house that dates back to 1870, while the town was still under the Turkish rule. He spent his childhood and part of his youth here. Within these walls, between 19O7-1911 he planned an independent, free country. This historical house was presented as a gift from Greece to Turkey in 1937. In November 1Oth in 1953 it opened its doors to visitor as “Ataturk’s House”. The museum is located on 151 Agiou Dimitriou St.

– 12 minutes walk from our premises –

SKG to Pella/ Vergina
Discover the origins of one of the greatest emperors of all time and the archaeological treasures of the glorious Macedonian Kingdom of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip II! Get to know the ancient city of Pella where Alexander the Great was born and raised, as well as Vergina, home to the Royal Tombs of Aigai where Alexander’s father Philip II is buried. We invite you to a unique roadtrip to history, so take a tour at the birthplace of Alexander the Great and the historical capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia, and then explore the museum of Aigai; a World Heritage site of UNESCO, against the natural beauty of the area and the view of the Macedonian plain.

– 1 hour drive away from our premises –

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